LeakIX IS currently a volunteer project with NO revenue.

We accept donations to cover the costs associated with running the infrastructure, indexing and development time. The bill is currently around 150EUR per month, which is currently limiting our indexing rate and size. A few NVMe SSDs servers would help.

Here's a few things we can say :

  • We will not run Ads or any third-party analytics
  • We will keep improving and adding new plugins
  • Original donations will not be forgotten

You can donate directly using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or if you'd prefer another method (PayPal, ...) you can join us by email at to discuss it.

  • Bitcoin: 19qpwVeDtmiEDDro8qRMtrZC5jJd98bEDz
  • Litecoin: M9GVSN8pY3Jp6sxpeJPT37eLJLk4x3diGP
  • Ethereum: 0xE3Ff6FB82E84b2e6Dde29602ff41422912C24194

Can't donate?

It's fine, did you know that the other best way to help is to share LeakIX's existence on social networks?

Go tweet, post and re-share !

Thank you

  • A big thank you to everyone who has helped so far by donating, sharing, suggesting, discussing!
  • A never ending thank you to the whole open source community and eco-system!