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Found 1 result for
+plugin:MysqlOpenPlugin +l9fp:"cf350410ecceb5fd5d837a83b5b9984423dac14ad239e378b7c0c484da337e32"

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  • Greece 1


  • MysqlOpenPlugin 1

LeakIX fingerprint

  • cf350410ecceb5fd5d837a83b5b9984423dac14ad239e378b7c0c484da337e32 1


  • National Technical University of Athens 1

IP Ranges

  • 1

ASN: 3323
13 events in 409 days
Leak size: 4.3 MB
Open ports: 3306
Databases: 85, row count: 139781, size: 4.3 MB
Found table PLEASE_READ_ME_VVV.WARNING with 2 records
Found table mysql.servers with 0 records
Ransom notes :


I am a security researcher from Sweden, 
having interest on web security and other focus areas.

Your database was removed by a 3rd party and files were backed up 
to their cloud hosting storage. It is schedule to be sold online.

I accidently discovered this dedicated cloud storage and was able to secure the files.

To prevent public leaking of the database and its consequences:
	Please send exactly 0.1 Bitcoin (BTC) to the following 
	Bitcoin address: 18wus7igKZK48vJ1C4ehivEKhfYD6dtkV4

Your database will be auto recovered
after BTC transaction shows 3 confirmations.

The original dump file PLEASE_READ_ME_VVV.sql.gz could be provided(request it by email).

I will also remove all backup files and terminate the cloud hosting account.