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+plugin:MysqlOpenPlugin +net:"OVH SAS" +l9fp:"cf350410ecceb5fd00e51a1c39366e75f2b80a3015af61904b07959ef88ceaf8"

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  • Singapore 1


  • MysqlOpenPlugin 1


  • OVH SAS 1

IP Ranges

  • 1

ASN: 16276
6 events in 159 days
Leak size: 571.7 kB
Open ports: 3306
Databases: 25, row count: 2054, size: 571.7 kB
Found table Z_README_TO_RECOVER.RECOVER_YOUR_DATA with 2 records
Found table mysql.columns_priv wi...
Ransom notes :

All your data is a backed up. You must pay 0.11 BTC to 17jHiu7FGUX8xcotaxBnxnNZRTqU86kr8b 48 hours for recover it. After 48 hours expiration we will sell all your data on dark markets and the database dump will be dropped from our server!