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  • 25 results pages
  • 3000 API requests
  • No support
  • 15 days result delay
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Bounty Hunter


  • 0 day results
  • For Bounty hunting
  • 100,000 requests
  • Critical and RCE plugins
  • 25 resources
  • 1 alert channel
  • Download 1,000 results
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  • 0 day results
  • Commercial use
  • 100,000 requests
  • Critical and RCE plugins
  • 100 resources
  • 5 alert channels
  • Direct chat support
  • Download 50,000 results
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Anon Free Bounty Hunter Enterprise
Bounty Hunting
Commercial use
Basic plugins
Critical plugins
Results delay 30 days 15 days 0 day 0 day
Alerting 25 resources
1 channel
100 resources
5 channels
Requests Rate-limited 3,000** 100,000** 300,000**
Download results 1,000*** 50,000***
Support Community Community Best effort Direct chat
*Unless otherwise stated all prices exclude taxes.
**API is limited to 1 request/second.
***Each downloaded result is counted as 1 request.

Advanced data sharing

Pricing on request

Do you need direct data access for research or integration to your platform? We got you covered!

We provide plans if you need all of LeakIX's data. We also provide custom implementation (Kafka, JSON export, ...) on request. The plans include:

  • Full export
  • Streaming events from scanning probes
  • Custom support

Researcher sponsoring

Sponsor our volunteers

LeakIX is also a reporting platform used by voluntary researchers dispatching hundreds of free reports per month to various companies and institution.

By sponsoring them we'll ensure that every cent will be used towards rewarding their work and encourage responsible disclosure!