Terms of service

As part of its innovative service providing a search engine collecting data from open sources, LeakIX allows its users to access different information (synscan httpscan deep-protocol-scan). LeakIX provides to those users a portal allowing them to structure and communicate their research for the purpose of identification and resolution.

In this context, the User, is allowed to carry out queries of his own choosing (keywords) in complete autonomy and under his sole responsibility, and this after having previously created his space and his interface with a dedicated account allowing him to authenticate himself. This Platform allows the user:

  • To use under its sole and unique responsibility and in complete autonomy the service for querying open source information according to the categories accessible and according to the subscription chosen;
  • Access and analyze information flows concerning their needs;
  • To manage his space consisting of:
    • Managing his personal informations;
    • Managing his authentication credentials;
    • Managing his monitored resources.
  • To create and manage, under its sole and unique responsibility, reports to third-parties.
    • To responsibly disclose any issues encountered
    • To ask for mediation through different channels, officials or linked to the report
    • To exchange with those third party for the purpose of mediation and resolution

The User is not allowed to use the Platform and the data resulting from queries for commercial purposes without the agreement of the company BaDaaS SRL. The User can request access to a Trusted Account which includes in particular a commercial use agreement.

1. Relations between the Parties - Scope

The connection or use of the Platform published by the company BaDaaS SRL are considered as an unreserved acceptance of the Terms of service binding the Client and BaDaaS SRL (Hereinafter "LeakIX" or "We").
The terms of service are available on the Platform.
The Platform (hereinafter "Platform") is a service allowing in particular the consultation of the information flows made available to it by LeakIX.
Any legal person connecting and making use of the Platform (hereinafter "the User" or "You"), recognizes and guarantees LeakIX:

  • To have read the Terms of Service;
  • To have kept them on a durable medium;
  • To be authorized and empowered by their employer to use this Platform for any legal person connecting to the Platform;
  • To have all the rights allowing him to access the Platform from his place of connection;
  • To have the necessary professional expertise in order to be able to use the Platform independently.

If you have any reservations or dispute regarding these Terms of service, (here- after "Conditions"), we must interpret this reservation or dispute as a refusal to consent to these Conditions. You must then leave the Platform you are currently using and stop using it altogether.

2. Amendments to the terms of service

We inform you that we reserve ourselves the right to modify at any time, all or part of these Conditions without further precondition than the posting of the new Conditions.
All new Conditions replace in all their effects the previous Conditions. However, the modification of the Conditions will require your agreement. We consider that you agree to terminate immediately the old Conditions and accept the new Conditions by complying with the modalities from new Conditions.
Without prejudice to the preceding provisions, we recommend that you consult frequently the Conditions and and save them on a durable medium.

3. Scope

These Conditions apply to any usage of the Platform.

4. Prerequisites for using the Platform

Access to the Platform, exchanges of data between the Platform and LeakIX require an Internet connection you must provide.
We inform you that updates of the Platform may include modifications of (1) the Platform and / or (2) of the features available through the Platform. We cannot guarantee the sustainability of the functionalities available on the Platform.

5. Usage of the Platform

By using the Platform, you agree not to :

  • any use of the Platform contrary to laws and applicable regulations and violating the rights of third parties, notably rights of intellectual property and privacy;
  • any action that could create any prejudice to LeakIX;
  • to fraudulently introduce any data in the Platform or through the Platform;
  • to harm, hinder, distort the good operation of the Platform, or make use of the Platform to, in any way, harm the rights of third parties or LeakIX;
  • any action and / or method allowing the extraction of data, in particular any action of automatic reading of data, of data extraction, targeting the Platform, the Site, the servers, databases of LeakIX, allowing, directly or indirectly the migration and / or duplication of all or part of the data and services accessible from the Platform;
  • to test the vulnerability, performance and functionality of the Platform for any reason other than those necessary for the use of the Platform or responsible reporting to LeakIX;
  • to bypass the means implemented by LeakIX in order to guarantee the security of the Platform;
  • the use of any means allowing to bypass the authentication methods implemented by LeakIX and necessary to connect to the Platform;
  • to access and remain without authorization in areas normally accessible through identification;
  • to use the voluntary reporting system for commercial or extortion purposes.

You agree to comply with the technical prerequisites, in particular the fact that the number of requests for a given IP address is limited by sixty (60) requests per minute.
If you do not respect your commitments, we may deactivate your account so that you no longer allow you to use the Platform, without prejudice to any other remedy that we may implement against you.

6. Connection modalities

Connection, access and complete use of the Platform require the creation of an account as well as a dedicated API key.
This connection allows you:

  • to have access to information flows through the Platform;
  • to choose the different channels and categories of information offered by LeakIX.

We ask you to take a set of necessary actions to prevent a third party from accessing your account. Thus, you must in particular check that your password is sufficiently secure and disconnect your session when you leave the Platform.
You are solely responsible for accessing your account, the API and / or any other means available to you in order to connect to the Platform.
Any connection to your account by a third party to which you consent is made at your sole discretion. We cannot be held responsible for any communication of data of which one or more third parties may become aware due to the express or implied authorization that you have granted to this third party. In particular, the fact of leaving the Platform without disconnecting must be considered as an implicit authorization.
A cookie is stored by your browser on a dedicated space in your device when consulting the Platform, necessary for its operation.
This cookie only stores technical and confidential information. This cookie expires at the end of the browsing session on the Platform.

7. Intellectual property rights relating to on the Platform

The Platform contains protected information, elements and code.
By using the Platform, you are granted by LeakIX a personal license relating to the Platform, its updates and evolutions, non-transferable, non-exclusive, for use in accordance with these Conditions, for the Belgian territory and for the duration of the contractual relationship allowing you, through the Platform, to benefit from the various functionalities made available to you by LeakIX. Accordingly, you acknowledge that the Platform is not sold to you and that you do not have any ownership rights over it.
Unless otherwise stated, these rights are recognized to you on updates and changes of the Platform.
The Platform is made of a set of texts, photographs, graphics, images, brands, logos, designs, computer codes, software, fonts or any other element marked by intellectual property rights that we hold or that have been licensed to us by third parties in order to incorporate them directly or indirectly on and / or in the Platform (hereinafter the "Components").
You acknowledge that this license prohibits you from performing any improvement, modification, marketing, rental, translation of the Platform and / or its Components.

The platform contains reports released to the public domain after their disclosure has been validated by LeakIX.

8. Personal data

For the purposes of managing access to the Interface, the user creates an account for his service or department by entering the last name, first name, professional e-mail address.
The Customer therefore has the quality of data controller. As a result, LeakIX:

  • will only act on the instructions of the Client, in relation to said processing;
  • process personal data to the extent strictly necessary to the execution of these Conditions and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • ensure the confidentiality of personal data;
  • will take all technical, physical, logical and organizational measures necessary to preserve the security of personal data, and in particular to prevent them from being distorted, damaged and accessed by unauthorized third parties;
  • will inform the Customer as soon as possible of any proven or suspected security incident involving personal data and report to the competent authorities.

9. Confidentiality

You agree, as well as LeakIX, for the duration of the contractual relationship and for two (2) years from its expiration or its early termination for any reason whatsoever:

  • to consider as confidential and to treat as such all general and specific information communicated during the use of the Platform;
  • to use the information directly or indirectly only as part of the contractual relationship;
  • to take, with regard to third parties and staff concerned by the performance of the contractual relationship, all appropriate measures to ensure that this commitment is respected.

The above confidentiality agreement will not apply to information brought to the attention of one of the Parties and:
  • which would be in the public domain or which would fall there without this resulting from its doing;
  • that it could prove to be aware of before the communication of said information;
  • that a third party not bound by a confidentiality agreement with respect to the other Party would disclose to it;
  • which would be the subject of a communication required by an administrative authority or by virtue of a law, decree, regulation or a court decision; it being understood that the Party concerned will inform the other Party of this communication.
  • which would allow resolution of a report, as long as the communication takes place between Parties that can assist with it; it being understood that the Party concerned will inform each Party of this communication.

10. Liability - Guarantees

The Platform and its information, hosting services, related improvements and updates (hereinafter the "Means"), are provided "as is", "If available".
Unless otherwise required by law, LeakIX cannot be held liable for consequential damages, in particular loss of profit, loss of opportunity, loss of customers, loss of data, loss of image that you suffer.
However, all costs incurred by LeakIX as a result of any action by a third party due to your use of the Resources and / or the Platform, in particular legal costs, proceedings, conviction and / or any other costs to which LeakIX would be subject. or should legitimately engage as a result, may be fully billed to you by LeakIX.

11. General


The void of a contractual clause does not entail the void of the Conditions unless it is an essential and decisive clause which led one of the Parties to conclude the contract. The contractual clause considered as void is deemed unwritten.

Cancellation - Renewal

These Conditions are terminated automatically upon termination of the contractual relationship, for any reason whatsoever. Your access will therefore be deleted by LeakIX.
Any provision of these Conditions, which by its nature is exercised beyond the date of termination, is extended until its full execution and applies to the respective beneficiaries and assignees of both Parties.


The fact that LeakIX does not insist on strictly enforcing one of the stipulations of these Conditions does not imply waiver by LeakIX to subsequently invoke this stipulation, nor to take advantage of the possible breach of the other Party to this stipulation.

Applicable law

Unless otherwise required by law, these Conditions are subject to Belgian law.

Jurisdiction - Dispute resolution

Unless contrary and imperative legal provision, any dispute, not resolved through an amicable procedure, arising between you and LeakIX is submitted to the competent court of Brussels to which jurisdiction is given, even in the case of proceedings for interim relief, appeal, or a plurality of defendants.

12. Language

In case of drafting of the Contract in several languages or of a translation, only the French version will prevail.
The French version of those Conditions prevails.