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Do you want to participate in the first platform providing you with issues to fix and have an impact on helping to secure critical infrastructures left out-of-scope?
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  • Search results are limited to 1 week after the grace period
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  • Search results are not limited in the past.
  • A maximum of 3000 requests per month.
  • Can create and dispatch responsible reports from indexed events
  • The grace period still applies.
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We have currently met our quota of free trusted users.

Exceptions are:

  • Academic research
  • Hosting providers
  • National CSIRT and CERT
Commercial plans are currently beeing implemented for both Bounty-Hunters and Threat-Intel companies.

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What is the grace period?

Every event indexed is going through a grace period as follow:

  • The event is hidden from untrusted users for 30 days
  • Trusted users and researchers have access to it and get a chance to act upon it
  • After 30 days, if no request has been received, the information is considered widely accessible and becomes available to any registered user